The horse section is divided into Saddle Classes and Show Jumping in official and unofficial rings.  All classes are being held at the Deloraine show ground on the 24th of November, 2018.

The jumping takes up the whole day and the saddle classes are organised into classes for Horses, Galloways, Ponies and Riding.  Classes start at 8.30 am, with the flat classes starting at 12noon.

Each year the order of the saddle classes is altered, so entrants need to check the schedule carefully.

Classes will not be held up but an attempt will be made to accommodate riders who are taking part in another class.

Schedules are available online through the Show Societies’ page and on the Equestrian Tasmania site.

Horses, Galloways and Ponies need not be registered with Equestrian Tasmania. Most Jumping classes in Ring 1 are for registered horses only, with 3 classes for ungraded horses, and all Ring 2 classes are ungraded.

All judges are EA qualified and both course builders are EA accredited.

The Horse Committee consists of   Hayley Atkins,Sandra Atkins,  Leonie Blackwell, Ann Graves, Penny Orchard, Rosanne Roles, Rebecca Dornauf and Sue Walton. If anyone is interested in joining the committee, their help would be very much appreciated – just contact one of the above.

A lot of people are required to help on the day in the ring – stewards, pencillers and help in the jumping ring – and all can learn what to do on the day, so please volunteer your help.

For more information on the Horses section, please contact Sue Walton on 0428 695 307 or or  Leonie Blackwell on 0417322105, 6362 2098 or

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